The Constitution is on the line this week — 1 Comment

  1. Dear rush,
    Today i have a special request for you if i may.You see i lost my job a while past and am still out of work as we speak but i am still out looking. Would it be possible to ask you a favor today if i may please. You see my husbands 50 th birthday is coming around the corner near as in february 9 to be exact!!!! And i am asking you as a favor to please do send a nice original size copy of the us constitution for him for his birthday if you can for free please. And i am also asking if it would be ok if you could please send 2 free copys in the same original size as well to be framed on the wall one day to show our love for our country please. We are very poor now and very optimistic things will be gettin better one day so if you do not mind please do send these for our family please. Also if possible could we also have 2 free autographed photos of you. Our whole family so appreciates you more than ever and we thank you for all you do. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.