The Obama Deception Released — 7 Comments

  1. i dont understand why we are all just standing by while we watch this monster destroy our country, deface our government, and take for granted the hard working americans. im sick of this man controling what happens to the masses. its not our say in what happens in this world, we will never be able to control it. we cannot play god for we are human.

  2. this New World Order agenda which dsnt known by the world mass. everything has been clearly mention in koran and hadith. now is the 4th phase of five era said by Muhammad in his hadeeth. this era SATAN is working hard to increase its followers to wait for the arrival of antichrist / dajjal. Do read koran and be happy to be Moslem the religion of abraham moses and jesus. Jesus will come to kill antichrist/dajjal.- that is the good news

  3. It is amazing how the use of emotional appeals based on fear, uncertainty, doubt, and ignorance all come together to twist the honest, innocent, and true moral purity of people. Whether its true or not, I am not aware of as I only recently started reading this stuff today. Yet, despite all of the possiblities, God is still Lord of and over all!! So I look to learn, but my trust is in Him!

  4. People are not merely acting more wickedly — they are redefining righteousness, justice, and virtue according to a new standard. In our culture, talk about individual responsibility, moral fortitude, and facing up to one's faults isn't tolerated. The loving of what's right, the loathing of what's wrong, and the ability to distinguish the two is considered irrelevant.