How The Illuminati Controls Politics — 2 Comments

  1. If you want to know the TRUTH about what is going on, get the records of from 11-04 to 9-08 user name ManhattanPROJECT explains why there were so many abrupt resignations during the Bush Administration. MKULTRA is still being used on American Citizens in a form that is similiar to a modern day coliseum for sadistic amusement/intel/political/monetary agenda's with no one for victims to turn to for help. Remember SHOCK and awe, inSURGEnts, Goldman Sachs Mr. SPARKS and his EXOTIC investments (exotic weapons are used) for "sophisticated" investors who bet on people like a sport, CIA movie The Recruit tortured with jumper cables, Abu Gharab torture with electricity, KBR electrocution of soldiers in showers in Iraq…SPARKY fire dog in E-TRADE commercial with woman bowing down next to the dog to the so called "MASTER"…CRR evidence sent to all Top Officials and hand delivered to Michelle Obama during the Presidential Campaign. Shadow network uses mobster tactics and government agencies to control victims bred from miltary/mob families using NAZI techniques from time child is young to abuse/terrorize/program/torture/mutilate/manipulate/control the victims life in every way, shape and form then to go on to their children. Hospitals get new wings, schools get new campuses, people are murdered, nothing is done. Media corruption involved with massive insider trading linked to orchestrated terrorist attacks (tons of proof on libertyforum that was shut down after notification to top authorties to hide evidence/obstruct justice). Programs linked to MKULTRA, H.R. 2977, USAF 2025 and Adm. Poindexters Total Info Awareness program that was alleged to be a betting operation on terrorist attacks in 2003 and shut down only to go deeper into DARPA via use of datamining. E-TRADE, Charles Schwab, Raymond James, Capital ONE, GEICO, AFLAC (note GOAT like what Bush was reading The Pet Goat on 9-11) all have commercials that make "inside sadistic jokes" about this. Evidence of this sent CRR to NSA Inspector General, Pentagon SOD Gates, JCS, CIA, FBI Civil Rights Dept., Senate Intel Com. Sen. Feinstein and Rockefeller, hand delivered to Michelle Obama on the Presidential Campaign Trail with the President himself admitting to a child in public that had been tortured in front of her mother with weaponry that the evidence was good evidence and that he was going to do something about it to hold the monsters accountable, yet DID NOTHING. CNN aka Communist News Network involved. See following link: http// (Just keepin em honest). Note critical targets where women and children are the targets. Doesn't everyone want to work for monsters that torture them and their children, take away their constituitional/civil/human rights in every way? Note since the fall of 2006 we don't hear the regular "Al Qaeda" Osama Bin Laden/Ayman Al Zawahiri Hollywood produced BS "communiques", no coincidence. Put together the movies, Shutter Island, Changeling, Eagle Eye and you might get an idea of the living hell the victims go through. Investment commercials like E-TRADE, Charles Schwab, Raymond James and other companies such as GEICO, Progressive, Capital One, make "inside" sadistic jokes about what amounts to an Underground Slave Trade. Remember Pres. Bush reading "The Pet Goat" on 9-11-01, note the goat in Capital One, AFLAC and, no coincidence. So THIS is America.