Survival Living In America — 4 Comments

  1. Also don't forget these companies are in business because they can deliver their products at a lower price than their competitors and small handlers in general through economies of scale and innovation… saving the average American lots of money at the grocery store.

    Are these companies really ripping off the public? I will use Cargill as an example. There fiscal year profit was 3.33 billion. Wow, that is a huge number but look at their revenue 116.6 billion!!!! Wow even bigger and look at their profit margin- a little over 3%, that sure is ripping off the public isn't it. Additionally Cargill employs over 160,000 people: thats a profit of $20,000 a person- not huge.

  2. Where did you get your profit numbers? Both ADM and Cargill had HUGE drops in profit this last year. Also GM crops are a pretty common enemy of bloggers but my parents own a farm and they will be the first to tell you without GM crops and synthetic fertilizer Americas yields would be half of what they are today.

    I like this comment:
    "Rest assured when it comes to maintaining those record profits that they'll have that in mind before those too poor to buy their foods"

    Of course they want to make profit, what is the incentive to do anything with out it. These companies need people to buy there food to make a profit. Its is also important to note (which you do not at any point) that these companies own no agricultural land so they can just stop making these foods, they can only stop processing them.

    Get a life, get a job and get over your conspiracy theories

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