Paternity Fraud Made Easy in Missouri — 9 Comments

  1. I got a lawyer and paternity test. I dont have the money or time to keep this up. I can't pay for my own apartment this is so wrong. I have not been on my own in years. So I guess im stuck . Im going to keep on fighting for my freedom of this.

  2. oh no one would trick you into being the father of their child. youre a womans worst nightmare.

  3. I am having the same problem in St. Louis county Missouri. I have paid 15 years for a child not mine. My ex Michelle Sprick has already name JOHN RANDAZZO the father. She has comitted fraud against me and the courts to obtain a judgement and theft of $100,000 over the years.
    Every one is hiding behind old law and not the bold truth here. Judges are affraid to make a ruling in the man's favor because of the termoil it would cause. Also the state funding would be at risk (DCSE).
    Why is it the law is only gear toward the woman. Fraud and Theft by Deceit are clear and no one cares.

  4. I to, am haveing that problem, the child in question is not mine, and the sate does not seem to care, even tho, she has told me, he is not mine, but she keeps telling the state otherwise. grinding in teh fact that she said in open court all she really wants is the money, at this point, and for me to sign all my rights away, but she wants all the money first, I think that 141 would help my case, and I can not afford to pay thousands of dollors to a lawyer, the forms might help me alot, thank you in advance!

  5. I Would realy love to have those paper im going thew this now im close to jail as it is with need help im in alabama but the caes is in MO. alabama want to put me in jail please help no were else to tune thanks..

  6. We just finished a Missouri child support case under new Senate 141. It was fairly simple and did it without a lawyer. If you want any of the forms we had to use to complete it – JUST LET US KNOW!!!! You only have until Dec of 2011 to do this!

  7. I am actually a victim of paternity fraud in Missouri. When I was married, my wife spent her time cheating on me while I was in the Army. She ended up pregnant. I had no reason to believe the child wasn't mine because I didn't know she was cheating at the time. Shortly after the child was born, we divorced due to numerous reasons,including very suspicious activity, like staying out all night.

    While searching through belongings to sort them out, I found a love letter. Being a full-time student at the time, and no longer in the Army due to a disability, the divorce was a very hard financial hit. I had to take what I could get. I brought up a paternity test, but I lacked the funds to go forward with anything. Basically my attorney asked her attorney if I was the father, and of course, she said yes, so apparently that was good enough for the judicial system.

    A few years later, as the child grew and changed, my mother became very suspicious at how she looked nothing like me. My mother had a DNA test done with a secure sample from the child and myself. The result came back that I am not the father.

    We confronted my ex-wife about it and she screamed, pulling at her hair all while denying it. I contacted an attorney in Missouri and explained my case. I was told that no judge in the bible belt is going to declare a child fatherless, so I am stuck paying for it.

    Meanwhile, my current wife is depressed that we can't afford a child of our own because I am being defrauded by my ex-wife and the state of Missouri by having to pay for my ex-wife's promiscuous fling. Meanwhile, my ex-wife has already had my child support raised. This process took a year to complete. When the raise was finally awarded to her, it was calculated retroactively based on the date she filed for the increase, and I was suddenly a year in arrears. My ex-wife is attempting top get it raised again. On her Facebook page, she announces to everyone what a deadbeat dad I am.

    This is totally unfair, I am not the father. It is ruining things with my current wife, I want to just stop taking all the antidepressants and take my motorcycle off a cliff. Why is she allowed to get away with fraud, and why is the state of Missouri helping her?