Barak Obama Subliminal Messages Uncovered! — 2 Comments

  1. What about that infomercial during his campaign that appeared to show him in the oval office? I would recommend that everyone read up on his use of hidden neurolinguistic programming, or hidden hypnosis. He clearly uses it in his speech to schoolchildren.

  2. Not sure if this is subliminal messages but during the campaign I noticed some things:
    1) Obama's campaign bus was jet. The President uses black limousines and black SUV's so I think this was to make him look Presidential.
    2) The Seal of Obama he used in Campaign which looked like the Presidential Seal
    3) Recently with the Doctors in white coats on the white house lawn. I thought it was to show the doctors looked like angels surrounding Obama to make it look like he was God
    4) The Bill O'Reilly interview before the campaign Obama was in a very submissive position to Bill making it seem like he was non-threatening to Conservatives ( body language ).