America Is In Trouble — 1 Comment

  1. In 2006, attorney Rob V. Robertson drafted a “Children’s Bill of Rights” for the Travis County Domestic Relations Office, in Austin, Texas. Ostensibly designed to protect the children of divorced parents, the Children’s Bill of Rights is a prime example of government micromanagement of the affairs of parents.

    “Marriage is a contract between adults, and when it ends, the matter is between the adults also,” writes Robertson. “Yet no parental action has a greater impact on children. Children love their parents and want to be with them. Even in times of great stress, parents have a responsibility to conduct their legal affairs in a manner that will protect their children from adult conflicts.”

    However, the bill transcends the realm of legal affairs and mandates how adults will conduct themselves in relation to their own children, including the displaying photographs, making phone calls, and sending and receiving correspondence and greeting cards.

    Bureaucrats in Travis County have forcibly inserted the state into all manner of private minutiae, once the province of families but now apparently the business of government. The list is exhaustive