The Fed's Ponzi Scheme is Crumbling — 2 Comments

  1. Ok, so I hear a lot of people "talk" about the problems, but nobody is asking the critical question of "How can we stop these bloated pigs from furthering the destruction of America with treasonous acts?"

    I'm very aware of these treasonous dogs accepting money to pervert justice. If anyone takes $1 to do something to an America that they wouldn't do to their own family, that is my definition of Treason. Obviously the biggest traitors of all are those conspiring with the "money" (Corps of America) to control America through legislation.

    It may be illegal to incite a riot, but I don't think anyone will need to do any inciting if the lawmakers continue to tax & burden Americans, who knows, maybe they don't care if America revolts, after all, the Gun is strong on the streets (police) & in reserve (National Guard).

    But what if the Police & National Guard wake up to realize they have been robbed by the American Government, wanting revenge they all conspire together?

    "A house divided against itself shall not stand." Jesus