Following the The Money Trail — 1 Comment

  1. The New World Order is no longer a conspiracy theory it is an accomplished fact.
    We have yet to have our monetary system, dismantled and made to resemble the Euroean Union, with it's euro as a standard of exchange in the market place of the world, however it only awaits the final bottom floor of our finacial elevator as it decends to that level, wiping out all remaining vestages of the so called middle class, forcing the hue and cry of the populace to demand the introduction of a more equitable system of exchange. In effect, having the hanged demand their own length of rope by which to be hanged.
    If you recall the transformation into the Euopean Union and its Euro caused barely a ripple in world affairs and was accomplished, seemingly over night with merley a wimper from the unwashed.
    The Bilderbergers indeed meet annually in various countries, and with only invited guest, secretly and with security to establish against any eves droppers, and no records kept as to what is discussed. Less than 100 members are invited from the movers and shakers of the worlds economy and allowed ample time to discuss what ever is near and dear to their hearts with out fear of discovery or interferance. A high level news reporter is usualy invited as a witness but not allowed to either take notes or discuss publicly what transpires or who attended.
    What is near and dear to their collective hearts is… ending nuclear armament, cyber terorismchaos, and promoting world peace,through world trade, global financing, and eliminating borders that seperate worlds populations.
    All noble enterprises. None of which can be obtained under our present world order
    The Illuminati was first made up of men of such intent. The rulers of the European community forced them to disban their organizations because clearly their thoughts threatened the elite way of life.
    When they were banned, they were forced underground to avoid prosecution. Briefly to appear in the New World, where
    none other than George Washington disavowed them as member organizations of the Masonic order. Apperantly, they went to ground once more, and there is some evidence they surfaced at the Bilderbeg conferences.
    Barack Obama, Tim Geitner, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Benankie, and Paulson were all attendees at the Bilderberg conferences, and the names of the principle members and founders of the CFR, and the IMF are, and have been known to be attendees., as well as the Rockefellers, and former presidential advisors, such as Henery Kissinger,and Zibigniew Brzezinsky.And dont forget Brent Scowcroft who was usually at George H. Bush's elbow, riding all over the waters at Kenny Bunkport, a Bilderberger. And when did you first become aware of the term New World Order. Did I hear George Bush utter it? It's always been spelled out in Latin on our dollar bills. "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
    Zigs daughter probably was at one of the meetings , as she was connected with MSNBC News.( I have no proof of that)
    So since NAFTA , and China's entrance to the World Trade Organization, the world has been moving steadily towards the brave new day when the populace will rise up and demand…one leader who will lead us into the New World Order.
    One other thought. The Illuminati believed, in order to bring their agendas to fruition…"You should proceed gradually in a roundabout way by means of suspense and expectation, so as to arouse only vauge curiosity"