Are You Prepared for Hyperinflation? — 2 Comments

  1. Silver prices have remained in a narrow range for a while now. It feels like silver is about to pop a little higher from here. Long term trend is up.. At some point in the future I believe that paper currencies will have to convert to some type of precious metals backing. You want to be in silver BEFORE that happens.

  2. The world is awash in fiat currency that has no backing in anything real. Not precious metals, or oil, or land or anything else of real value. Therefore the currencies that are unbacked have NO INTRINSIC VALUE. They are confidence currencies. In other words, they are a CON GAME by the big banksters and criminal governments. People are catching on to that. Right now the con game is about done. There is a huge move to Audit the Federal Reserve, the biggest perpe-traitor of this fraudulent money game.